Welcome to 2022! Not up for New Year's resolutions? Unsure of what your goals should be?  Word of the year not your thing?

How about considering how you show up?  A simple change of state, mindset and focus that could transform how you lead, work and interact with others.  

This short podcast will get you thinking about how you can be, rather than what you can do!

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We know the world has become increasingly more complex, and this is impacting how leaders approach the issues they are facing in their teams and businesses. 

The problem is, we confuse complex issues with complicated ones, and when we try to apply the same approaches, wonder why they aren't working.

In this fascinating conversation I am in conversation with Nicola Maxwell, Director of leadership consultancy edoMidas.  We explore how to lead in a complex world by zooming out, not going it alone, surfacing disagreement and questioning ourselves.

I hope you enjoy listening, as we discuss the issues and the blue print we should all be using.

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In the last episode we looked at your attitude as a people manager to hybrid working, and the impact this can have on your team. In this episode we wrap up the topic by looking at how you can make it work for your team, examining:

  • How you work and communicate?
  • How you collaborate and meet as a team?
  • how you make decisions?
  • Who or what the office environment is for?
  • How you measure performance?

In all of this I assume that you have agreed as a business your approach. If you haven't then you can find a handy short guide here to get you started on the process.


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November 10, 2021

S2 Ep1 On Hybrid - part 1

So we're back for series 2 - with topics generated by you the listener.  In this episode, part 1 of 2, we're exploring Hybrid Working and how it is impacting leaders and teams.

In this expect to reflect upon:

  • What are your attitudes to hybrid?
  • How are you leading your teams, and what impact is it having?
  • How are you approaching the route back to the office, and what conversations are you having.

Part 2 will explore how to manage hybrid working within teams, once you've decided what it looks like for you.

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Leadership for a Brave New World!  In this final episode of series one I talk to Author and Executive Coach Joy Maitland, about the themes of her new book From Alpha to Zen.  Together we explore the different aspects that are necessary for today's leaders to get to grips with.  Such as:   

  • Valuing your Values
  • The ability to observe, then act 
  • Understanding your unique perspective
  • Having courage
  • Learning - and seeing failure as something that just didn't go to plan

We hope you enjoy this and you can connect with us in the ways below.  Also let me know the topics you'd like to hear about in series 2 later in the year either via messaging on LinkedIn, Instagram, or through the website.    




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In this episode, we pick up a theme started in #26 on empowering our people as leaders.  Join me to explore:

  • how we mistake empowerment for abandonment,
  • why empowering team members is worthwhile for leaders 
  • what gets in the way of empowerment
  • and how we can go about empowering people effectively

And also how coaching can help you to do this.

You can connect with me at www.successfultraining.co.uk  , @the_beingleader,  https://www.linkedin.com/in/annabelgraham-coach-trainer/





What exactly is a coaching culture and why is it beneficial to have one in your organisation?  In this episode I'm joined by executive coach Nick Howell of Abintus to explore this further.  We chew over: 

  • What coaching is and isn't and how it differs to mentoring 
  • What a coaching culture is and isn't  
  • Why a coaching culture is beneficial to leaders, teams and businesses and how to put one in place
  • Why it's not just "HR's job" to do this but must be embraced by every leader 
  • The pitfalls and what gets in the way

And quick wins that can help moving forward.  

You can speak to me or Nick on coaching and how to put in a coaching culture via any of the links below: 

www.successfultraining.co.uk, @the_beingleader, https://www.linkedin.com/in/annabelgraham-coach-trainer/


www.abintus.co.uk, https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickhowell1/

What is culture, and why should we as leaders pay attention to it?  Delivering strategy and getting things done on the action plan is far more important right?  Well maybe – but let’s think about it for a minute.

In this episode - there are no fancy models, instead we cut to the heart of culture - how we do things around here.  And that starts with us - how we show up as leaders. So listen to hear the questions we need to be asking ourselves and our teams to enable the right behaviours which will allow us to deliver our vision.    

Time to look in the mirror! 

Want to find out more? you can connect with me me on:

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  • @the_beingleader
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/annabelgraham-coach-trainer/



Who do you need to become as a leader who can navigate that cusp between the technological age and the information age? What does that mean for those of us who are leaders, and who will develop leaders ? What challenges are we facing in the now which will absolutely be different in the future and what does that mean for the leader we need to become?

In this episode we look at the current reality, the future and what this means for our skills through 3 lenses: as individuals, with our teams or organisation, and with the wider systems which impact our environment, both physically, and ecologically.   


Some of the resources I reference are below:  

You can find out more about what I do as a coach & facilitator at www.successfultraining.co.uk and  https://www.linkedin.com/in/annabelgraham-coach-trainer/

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February 23, 2021

#23 On Creating Alignment

Have you got a strategy in place in your organisation?

Have you taken that strategy and communicated it to your direct reports and then all the levels below you?

Have you aligned the department and team objectives back to that strategy so that it links in and delivers business goals at their functional level?

Have your direct reports then cascaded it down to the level below to make sure their departments deliver them and deliver your corporate goal?

Have you answered yes to everything so far?  Really….? honestly…..?

If not - then you are like many organisations - so this podcast is for you and will help you think about how to do it.  And if you are a small business owner, it's relevant too as you need to  have all those who support your business aligned with you too! 

So listen to hear about the steps: Vision, Incentive, Capabilities, resources, execution and reflection.   

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